Must watch talks from React Europe

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Must watch talks from React Europe

If you are an react developer, you must have heard about react-europe. It’s a conference where developers from different parts of the world come together and share their experiences and knowledge while using `React.js`. This year, it was held in Paris and talks were given by likes of Ryan Florence, Chistoper Chedeau to name a few.

This is my view. Yours may defer. This is in no ways intended to promote or demote someone

Below are few of the talks (in no particular order), which I believe are a must watch for a react developer:

Ryan Florence – Don’t Rewrite, React!

In this video Ryan Florence talks about migrating your existing app to react and also shows a live demo of converting a backbone todo list to react.


Dan Abramov – Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel

In this video, Dan Abramov talks about “hot reloading” react components without losing the state and also demos the ability to move between states a.k.a time-travel. He also demos his new library called “Redux”.


Cheng Lou – The State of Animation in React

In this video, Cheng Lou demonstrates how he has solved the problem of animating components in react.


Evan Morikawa & Ben Gotow – How React & Flux Turn Apps Into Extensible Platforms

In this video, the speakers show a way to make a react app more extensible by making use of plugins.


Michael Jackson – React Router

In this video, Michael Jackson (no not the king of pop), talks about the problems faced while developing the react-router.



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