Mroonga(Columnar Engine)

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Mroonga(Columnar Engine)

Database Engine is basically the software which is used for creating, Reading, Updating data in to the database management system(DBMS). Following are few database engines.

Engine Name Detail
InnoDB InnoDB is a storage engine for MySQL. MySQL 5.5 and later use it by default.
MyISAM MyISAM was the default storage engine for the MySQL relational database management system versions prior to 5.5.[1] It is based on the older ISAM code, but it has many useful extensions.
InfiniDB InfiniDB’s column-store architecture enables very quick load and query times.


Mroonga, is a column based engine for Maria-DB. It was earlier known as Groonga storage engine, was part of MariaDB 5.3 , and default for MariaDB 10.0.15. Mroonga is a full-text-search storage engine and is based on Groonga, which is an open-source CJK-ready full-text-search engine using column base.With Mroonga, we can have a CJK-ready full text search feature, and it is faster than the MyISAM and InnoDB full-text-search in update and search.Mroonga also supports fast geolocation search by using MariaDB’s geolocation SQL syntax.


  • The maximum size of a single key is 4096 bytes.
  • The maximum size of all keys is 4GB.
  • The maximum number of records in a fulltext index is 268,435,455
  • The maximum number of distinct terms in a fulltext index is 268,435,455
  • The maximum size of a fulltext index is 256GB
  • Mroonga only supports dates and datetimes after 1900.


For Installation steps click here




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