Managing Executions in Talend Management Console

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This blog describes how a job execution is managed or scheduled after publishing the Talend job to Talend Cloud from Talend Cloud Management Console.

Before working on how to manage execution (in this example to schedule a job), check on the previous blog on creating a sample task for more understanding
Talend Cloud Intro with Talend Management Console

In the blog above, we have not scheduled a task but executed a sample task manually. For scheduling the task, follow the steps below.

Creating a Task :

  1. Click on the artifact to schedule and click on Add task.
  2. Provide the name of the task and click on Continue.
  3. Example :
    TMC Job

  4. Provide the context parameters(if any) to be passed at runtime and click Continue.
  5. After giving the details click on runtype accordingly(for this example ONCE to execute it only once) and give the time when the job has to be executed.
  6. Click on GO LIVE. The job is scheduled.
  7. TMC Job

  8. To check the tasks scheduled, click on the MANAGEMENT tab and click tasks.
  9. TMC Job

  10. To manage the executions, click on OPERATIONS which gives details on the executions which are in progress, failed, succeeded and terminated.


Note : Once the job is scheduled, the job would be having an icon TMC Job , which indicates that the job is scheduled.

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