Mail Configuration in Bugzilla

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Bugzilla is a bug tracking tool.  It will allow team members to keep track of identified issues, enhancements and requirements in their products effectively. Bugzilla is a web-based application and installed on the server to use it.  bugzilla has many integration capabilities, one of the most important features is mail configuration in Bugzilla. This feature will allow the management team to get updates regarding newly identified issues, assigned issues, resolved issues, pending issues with complete bug life cycle.

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For this, required to configure mail in Bugzilla. Here describing how to configure mail using ‘SMTP’ with 3rd party service provider. For this required to have administration permission level

  1. Login into Bugzilla with an administrator account and click on “administration” link
  2. Click on “Parameters” link
  3. Click on “Email” link

Here, required to configure mail with required details.

set “mail_delivery_method” as SMTP

“mailfrom ”
This is the email address that will appear in the “From” field of all emails sent by this Bugzilla
ex: mailfrom : HI-QA

ex: smtpserver :

“smtp_password ”
ex: smtp_password : *********

globalwatcher : Allow specific users to receive each activity related to bug

Then finally click on “Save Changes” button.

*You can use other available parameters also based on your usage



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