KPI used by E-commerce Companies in Business Intelligence

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Keeping a tab of KPI is a very good exercise and can help entrepreneurs in understanding the current state of business and the way forward.The general KPI used by Ecommerce companies are listed below (ofcourse there could be variations and a lot will also depend on the companies business goal as well). These KPI, in different charts and tables and visualizations, can be built using any of the Business Intelligence software (BI). This blog will be talking about KPI used by Ecommerce Companies in Business Intelligence


Ecommerce KPI

Ecommerce KPI

Generic Reports are
– Average number of items per purchase
– Percentage (%) of new customers to existing customers
– Frequency of sales transactions
– Average lifetime value of customers
– Shopping cart abandonment rate
– Checkouts per cart
– Average Days to Purchase
– Order session Percentage (%)
– Average Visits to Purchase
– Coupon conversion percentage
– Cart conversion rate
– Percentage (%) of returning customers
– Percentage (%) of canceled checkouts
– Average order size

Operational reports
– Stock Week Cover: Giving information about how much units we have in stock and for how long this will last
– Rate of Stock Turns
– Stock at the COGS value
– Stock at the SRP value
– Dispatch costs per warehouses

Performance Related Reports:-
– Gross Profit
– Gross Margin Percentage (%)
– Return Rate and Return Rate Percentage (%)
– AVG Order Value
– AVG Item per order
– Traffic: number of visits or visitors, it depends what do you like to measure
– Conversion Rate = Number of Dispatched orders / Visitors
– Price Point

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