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Helical Insight is our own BI tool.

Helical Insight consists of different 5 layers:


1) Templating Layer:In this layer dashboard is defined.It is a end user interaction layerthis is realated to the JavaScript framework layer.

2) Javascript framework Layer:All the interaction with the Templating layer is done by this layer.It also communicate with the Data Layer and Visualization layer.The combination of Templating layer and Javascript framework layer forms a front end of a dashboard.

3) Data Layer:The main role of Data layer is to provide all data relaed information required by front end.

4) Visualization Layer:basically this layer generates a visualization and provides it to Front end.

5) Background Services:This layer manages the communication between Front end,Data layer and visualization layer.

Helical Insight consists of different file extensions:

Firstly create your own folder which can have multiple dashboards.

1).EFW file:This file is required for recognization of Dashboard ,it contains metadata about Dashboard.In this file ,we can define the template file(.html/.js) whichever we required in tag.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?><efw>

<title>HDI Demo On LocalHost</title>


<description>Sample Dashboard</description>






2).EFWD file:This file contains related data,data connection(DataSource) and related to queries.


<Connection id=”1″ type=”sql.jdbc”>








<DataMap id=”1″ connection=”1″ type=”sql” >

<Name>Sql Query on SampleData – Jdbc</Name>


<![CDATA[select distinct sector as sector, sum(promo_value) as val  from Subbrand_Level where promo_value>0 andsector in (${sector})group by sector;]]>



<Parameter name=”sector” type=”collection” default='””‘/>







3).EFWVF file:This file defines the visualization of Dashboard.It contains the Charts,table etc.It is a .xml file which is used while writing JavaScript Chart Components.

<charts><chart id=”1”>


<name>Pie chart</name>










4)Template file(.html): It is used to define components which are used in Dashboard.To set variable it requires some component configuration Dashboard.setVariable() and calls Dashboard.init().

Var component={}

Var components=[];






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