Introduction To HBASE

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Introduction To HBASE

HBASE is the database which stores huge amount of data and we can retrieve data in a random manner.

HBASE is distributed column-oriented database which is built on top of the haddop file system.Tables in it are sorted by row.

Column-oriented databses : Databases that store data tables as sections of columns of data , rather than row of data . It is suitable for Online Analytical Processing.

HBASE is a part of Hadoop eco system.

HBASE internally uses Hash tables and provides random access , and it stores the data in indexed HDFS files for faster lookups.

HBASE is schema – less. It doesn’t have the concept of fixed column schema.


1. Table is a collection of rows

2. Row is a collection of column – families.

3. Column family is a collection of columns

4. Column is a collection of key-value pairs.

HBASE is used whenever there is a need to write heavy applications.

HBASE is used whenever we need to provide random access to available data.


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