Install Apache Drill on Linux Server

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Pre-requisites :

  • Linux Server

    To install Apache Drill on Linux Server follow below steps

    1. Download apache-drill-1.14.0.tar.gz or latest file if any from below link :

    Download Apache Drill Here

    2. Keep this file at one location on linux server.

    3. Extract it using below command:

    tar -xvzf apache-drill-1.x.x.tar.gz

    4. Now goto directory and execute below command to start drill in embeded mode :


    Note: You may get JVM memory console error while starting apache drill. To solve this issue user need to set memory parameters for apache drill, follow below steps:

    5. Goto conf folder of location and open file (vi

    Set below parameters :


    Save file(Esc:wq)

    6.Repeat Step 4

    You will get drill console

    7. You can access Web UI on :


    Hope it helps 🙂


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