INNODB Backup and Recovery using mysqldump

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InnoDB is a storage engine for MySQL. MySQL 5.5 and later use it by default. It provides the standard ACID-compliant transaction features, along with foreign key support (Declarative Referential Integrity). It is included as standard in most binaries distributed by “MySQL AB”, the exception being some “OEM” versions.

The key to safe database management is making regular backups. Depending on your data volume, number of MySQL servers, and database workload, you can use these techniques, alone or in combination: hot backup with MySQL Enterprise Backup; cold backup by copying files while the MySQL server is shut down; physical backup for fast operation (especially for restore); logical backup with mysqldump for smaller data volumes or to record the structure of schema objects

Issue : —

C:\Calpont\bin>mysqldump.exe  -u root -p  –database  TestDB > C:\Pushpraj\infinidbPushpraj.sql 

Enter password: *******

mysqldump: Got error: 138: IDB-2029: Lock table command is currently not supported in InfiniDB. when using LOCK TABLES

Solution  :-  use –skip-lock-tables


Windows :::

To take the dump from your mysql for infinidb —-

C:\Calpont\bin>mysqldump.exe –skip-lock-tables -u root -p  –database  TestDB > C:\Pushpraj\infinidbPushpraj.sql 

Enter password: *******

It will create your dump file .

To restore the dump in your mysql —-

First create an empty DB in your Mysql desitination DB.

C:\Calpont\bin>mysql.exe -u root -p  TestDB < C:\Pushpraj\infinidbPushpraj.sql 

Enter password: *******


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