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We all think that we should share our hard earned knowledge with others. This has never been easier with the onset of the Internet and the magical facility of BLOGGING.

Now all one needs to do is set up a blog site and blabber away of what one knows.

But as uncle Ben said to Peter Parker, “With great power, comes great responsibility”, one must be very responsible while posting blog articles. Now, I am not referring to ones capacity of offending the readers, but to a much greater responsibility : WRITING A BLOG THAT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD!!

So, with this in mind, take a paper and pen (or keyboard and mouse) and follow the following steps:-

0. It all begins:


1. Create a Content Calender:

Make sure you know what you will be writing in the next blog so that you can have it online for all to read on time.

2. Categorize your content:

So as to keep your posts understandable make sure you follow a certain pattern and stick to it in each blog article.

3. Start planning a week in advance:

Now, blogging is no holiday, so plan it well in advance. How will  the blog look? what tone will it convey? who is the target audience? etc. need to be well planned out.

4. Keep time aside to write:

DO NOT RUSH INTO IT. Take your time to think, phrase and rephrase your sentences. Make sure they sound the way you intend them to and convey the exact message as you wished it to.

5. Let Grammar Live:

DO NOT MURDER GRAMMAR!! Please for the love of god use auto correct for your spellings and you grammar! Make sure you user proper punctuation marks.


If you don’t follow the path mentioned above, well, you will still be writing blogs, and getting depressed that people dont like your writings!!  So go on, do the right thing and post away!!


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