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How To Deploy In Dbt?

Use dbt Cloud’s Scheduler to deploy your production jobs and build observability into your processes. Below are the steps –

Create a deployment environment

  1. On the upper left, select Deploy, then click Environments.
  2. Click Create Environment.
  3. In the Name field, write the name of your deployment environment. For example, “Production.”
  4. In the dbt Version field, select the latest version from the dropdown.
  5. Under Deployment Credentials, enter the name of the dataset you want to use as the target, such as “Analytics”. This will allow dbt to build and work with that dataset. For some data warehouses, the target dataset may be referred to as a “schema”. Click Save.

Create and run a job

Jobs are a set of dbt commands that you want to run on a schedule. For example, “dbt build”

This is to keep the table updated with the periodic data that gets injected periodically. Once the job is put to run the table will be updated with the latest data

  1. After creating your deployment environment, you should be directed to the page for a new environment. If not, select Deploy in the upper left, then click Jobs.
  2. Click Create one and provide a name, for example, “Production run”, and link to the Environment you just created.
  3. Scroll down to the Execution Settings section.
  4. Under Commands, add this command as part of your job if you don’t see it: dbt build
  5. Select the Generate docs on run checkbox to automatically generate updated project docs each time your job runs.
  6. For this exercise, do not set a schedule for your project to run — while your organization’s project should run regularly, there’s no need to run this example project on a schedule. Scheduling a job is sometimes referred to as deploying a project.
  7. Select Save, then click Run now to run your job.
  8. Click the run and watch its progress under “Run history.”
  9. Once the run is complete, click View Documentation to see the docs for your project.

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