Hide Title of Adhoc Report But is Visible While Exporting PDF in Jaspersoft

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How to hide the title of ad-hoc report while rendering and it will visible while exporting the PDF in jasper

Prerequisites: Jasper server 7.1 Enterprise version
Database: Foodmart

Step1: Login to the Jasper server with superuser credentials

Step2: Click on Create and select Ad hoc view in the panel.

Create and select Ad hoc

Step3: Select Supermart Domain in available jasper server Domains.

Supermart Domain

Step4: Select filed from the Source and drag and drop to the Selected Fields.

drag and drop to the Selected Fields
Step5: Add columns from the Sales in the field tab.

Step6: Now Enter the title to the view let say (Title) and hit enter.

Step7: Save View and Report.

Jasper has provided some default themes for existing effects but we have to Create a one more folder under Themes for overrides_custom.css.

Step8: Now create overrides_custom.css file as below mentioned style.

.jrPage tbody tr:nth-child(3) {
  display : none;

Step9: Add the above overrides_custom.css file in jasper server.


Step10: Now run the report and export it in any format like PDF, CSV, etc..

Exporting the files

Exporting the files


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