Exploratory and Adhoc Testing

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What is Exploratory and Adhoc Testing? And Exploratory Verses Adhoc Testing.

From the Testing side, two words: Exploratory and Adhoc are the most important and powerful words. Often most of the testers are confusing or feeling that both words are same, but there is always a big difference. In this article, we are going to find out the difference between them.

Testers should have good knowledge of the business and clear understanding of the requirements- Detailed knowledge of the end to end business process will help find defects easily. Experienced testers find more defects as they are better at error guessing.

As the number of possible tests for even simple software components is practically infinite, all software testing uses some strategy to select tests that are feasible for the available time and resources. As a result, software testing typically attempts to execute a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs (errors or other defects). The job of testing is an iterative process as when one bug is fixed, it can illuminate other, deeper bugs, or can even create new ones.

Exploratory testing is also known as ad-hoc testing. Unfortunately, adhoc is too often synonymous with sloppy and careless work.

Exploratory testing: It is a kind of testing where tester does not have a complete idea on application, tests and prepares use-cases, test cases with simultaneous execution.It is a type of ad-hoc testing, but here the tester does not have much idea about the application, he explores the system in an attempt to learn the application and simultaneously test it.Exploratory testing is a quick test process in which we need minimum planning and maximum execution.An informal test design technique where the tester actively controls the design of the tests as those tests are performed and use information gained while testing to design new and better tests.

Adhoc testing: Testing the application randomly to find out defects where out of scope areas will also be covered. This completely depends on tester style and thinking of testing the application. No documentation and test cases preparation in this.It is an informal testing type with an aim to break the system. This testing is usually an unplanned activity. It does not follow any test design techniques to create test cases. This testing is primarily performed if the knowledge of testers in the system under test is very high. This testing requires no documentation/ planning /process to be followed. Usually, Adhoc testing is performed after the formal test execution. It has following types:-


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Buddy testing
Pair Testing
Monkey Testing
Adhoc testing is itself known as Monkey or Random testing.


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