Encrypted Token Generation From Given Input Data Using Java

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For data confidentiality and Data security purpose we can use the data in many places by encrypting it. Hereby using a java code we can get the encrypted data.

For Example, if we want to request a server to log in the user by sending a URL contains the user login details, here we can secure the user details by encrypting them and send via URL. There are so many algorithm’s and modes to encrypt the data. In my blog, I have used AES/ECB algorithm to generate the encrypted token.

Token Format

|u=< username >|p=|exp=< timestamp >

Token comprises of 3 parts separated by a “|” (pipe separator).

Part of Token Description/Format Mandatory? Example
Password Password to be used for login Yes p=kasoji
username Username to be used for login Yes U=prashanth
exp Time-stamp with time zone


Format string YYYYMMDD HH:mm: ss Z


This is to make the token secure, so that same will not be usable after the expiry time is past. Not giving an expiry time will make the token never expiring and the same token can be used for the user indefinitely(this is not recommended).


No exp=28-09-2018 04:06:00

Token Encryption

Token generated in the given format, has to be encrypted to make it secure.


Chosen Encryption Algorithm details:


  1. Algorithm – AES
  2. Mode – ECB
  3. Padding – PKCS5Padding
  4. Secret Key – XXXXXXX
  5. Encrypted token is Base64 URL Safe encoded


Encryption logic used (java code)

encrypted token Generation

Token Samples for Testing

Below are few tokens and its encrypted form (using the shared secret key).

Token Encrypted token
u=prashanth 7FZMAukMtsa_VOPiK9JbdQ
u=prashanth|p=kasoji GVMypDdXCpP8Evy4ZGSrMqfPa_ulBGbrf4XIRUSGry4
u=prashanth|p=kasoji|exp=28-09-2018 04:06:00 GVMypDdXCpP8Evy4ZGSrMnN5l2WfJZ0xFtPdFBINFKnSNPk0K0AinND77ZagsTK3

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