Case Study Report on Envision Global using Helical Insights (HI)

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Case Study Report on

Envision Global Leadership (EGL)


Helical Dashboard Insights (HDI)


Customer :

Envision Global Leadership (EGL)

Geographical Location :

Los Angeles, California

Tools Used :

DB   :  MySQL

ETL :  Talend open studio

BI    :  Helical Dashboard Insight (HDI)


Company Overview :

Envision Global Leadership (EGL) is an institute having expertise in providing training on leadership development. Envision helps the organization seeking leadership development by providing training for mid to upper level executives. They also provide advance level training and certifications for the executive coaching skills. Moreover envision provides the thoughtful insights, tools for the organization to improve the organizational productivity.

Problem Statement :

Envision Global Leadership (EGL) provides training followed by an assessment report to individuals. For that, a test is conducted in the form of surveys using Limesurvey platform. The individual is required to answer the questionnaire and is rated between 1 to 5 for different parameters (like transparency, leadership, emotional quotient etc). The information is stored in the LimeSurvey database.

Envision needed a platform that could fetch data from LimeSurvey and create reports with data visualization, which could help the organization to understand strength and weakness and then invest in the skill set building.

Following are earlier problems faced by Envision :

  • The envision requirements are not met by other BI tools.
  • Difficulty in utilizing the data to find appropriate person for job.
  • Generated reports not meeting Envision requirements.
  • The required charts were not feasible to create
  • Conversion of stored data in LimeSurvey application into their format for reports

Solution Developed :

Helical did handholding of the client and understood the requirement thoroughly. Once the same was over, we have suggested to create a Reporting Database. Then with the help of Helical Dashboard Insights (HDI), which is a developer friendly Business Intelligence framework, through which client can view the reports with data visualization along with other features like exporting to PDF, email scheduling, user and role management, etc.

We had developed different kinds of report which includes interactive visualizations. Some of the developed reports are :

  • Self Assessment Report
  • Goal Setting Report
  • Multi Rater Leadership Report
  • Rollup Report
  • Comparison report, etc

All of the reports are very interactive. For data visualization, HDI not only allows us to use normally used charts but also advanced statistical and scientific charts. Also being a developer friendly platform using HDI we can, not only create a chart that is existing in the market but also can create an all together new chart. The same we did for Envision wherein we created a horizontal Candle Stick Whisker chart with additional information. This chart was introduced for the first time in a report for analysis.

On the above candle stick chart, on the basis of certain factors like Emotional Stability, Intellect, Agreeableness is rated between 1 to 5. For example, say 100 people contributed for the survey so a candle stick chart is generated separately for each user after login. The chart will differ for each user in terms of location of black dot and the horizontal stick size, maximum and minimum value, average is common for all the 100 users contributed.

 Here the black dot represent self-rating given by individual, Maximum and minimum represents the highest and lowest rating given for the factors, centre point of horizontal box represents the Average rating given by individuals and the left and right endpoints of brown and green box represents -1 SD to +1 SD where SD is Standard Deviation. This chart is mainly used for representing the large size of data.

Helical using HDI had provided the feature of User & role management in which the specific reports is viewed by the individuals of the organization. As shown in the snapshot below :

HDI login

HDI login

An individual from organization “A” had to type the name in organization box. Then type user name and password that for login. Then individual from organization “A” can view self reports. Only specific person from the organization is allowed to view all performance reports to take strategic decisions.

  • Also, HDI provides Multi-tenancy features, wherein the individual from different organizations are allowed to login by typing the organization name, username and password.
  • Using HDI platform, Admin user of the organization can edit the content using editing engine. Thus, this will help to produce report in customized manner.
  • HDI platform is providing the individual report files to be exportable, downloadable and e-mail schedulable. When exported using HDI platform pixel perfect reports are generated with indexing of pages, pagination etc taken care of automatically. 
  • HDI is a responsive to screen size, meaning on whichever device we are seeing the reports and data visualization, the solution will get adjusted according to screen size and the end user experience will not get hampered.

  • Editing Engine : HDI platform provides Admin user of the organization for editing the content like updating, deleting content through editing engine. Also, Admin user from non-technical background can easily use editing engine thus reducing dependency on technical person. The admin user had to follow steps given below. Thus, HDI platform helping the user in generating the report in a customized manner.

        Step 1:

       Step 2:

ETL and Other database work:

Envision Global Leadership (EGL) has two data sources (One is EGL database and LimeSurvey Database: MySQL). EGL was storing the information of the candidates got trained in their portal and LimeSurvey database is storing the survey result of the candidates.

Helical was responsible for writing the ETL and creation of Reporting database. The ETL tool used was an opensource ETL tool namely Talend and for Reporting database MySQL was used. Different types of ETL were written like Initial Load ETL, Change Data Capture (CDC) ETL, Maintenance ETL etc. These ETL were executing at different frequency, some were on daily and some on weekly basis. Also one of the data source was in excel format, on which we had run ETL and loaded the required tables into reporting database.

The advantages of reporting database creation are :

  • Excellent performance of the reports and dashboards (response time of rendering reports is <1 seconds )
  • Not affecting the transactional system database
  • Reporting database schema designed in such a way that in future it is ready to accommodate any changes, new tables, new surveys, etc.

ETL Automation Activity Details :

On HDI we had created a user friendly UI, through which a business user can himself also upload data, schedule ETL, define data connection, thus reducing the dependency on developers.

  • We had defined the various properties like setting the source and destination database which is required in order to run the ETL process.
  • Running the ETL process after defining the valid properties.
  • The ETL job pulls the data from source database and then in transformation data is being manipulated as per the requirement.
  • Then the loading of the data to the destination database is done.

 Other activity like :

  • Job scheduling : For updating the database it is performed like to update database from source to destination database.

Solution :

The solution provided by the Helical IT Solution using Helical Dashboard Insight is used by the Envision Global Leadership (EGL) which is helping the organization to provide the result with more accuracy to the user. This is helping the organization to know the scope of improvement of their employee to be the future leaders of the organization.

From the EGL point of view the HDI helping the EGL in getting the best out of their data with high quality of the reports. Hence Helical successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the Envision using Helical Data Insights (HDI) BI tool.

Snapshots for BI solution using Helical Dashboard Insight


Candle Stick Chart for various factors





Comparison Chart 2 ( >2 person comparison)

Saving the Report Format

Ways of saving Report


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