Best practices to be followed while developing jasper report using ireport / jasper studio

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Software used:  i-report / jasper studio, jasperserver

A)First before creating report keep in mind following things:

  1. Set page (report) properties

Eg:-Page height,width,left-right margin, orientation


2.Set Same properties for palette elements  like text,static

Eg:-Font style,size,horizontal –vertical alignment,

Position type, stretch type.


B)check  jasperserver version comp ability, between where you are developing and where you would be deploying.  

Steps:-In  i-report  tool

Goto – tool menu->Options->ireport>General>compability->select version

C) While report uploading on to jasperserver repository

1. Check input control and datasource.

2. Usually make one folder on jasperserver  as resources. In that create your input control as well as datasource

3. For adding subreport onto server make subreportJRXML


D) For importing and exporting  report from jasperserver

1.JasperReports server should be stopped when using the import and export utilities. This is very important for the import utility to avoid issues with caches, configuration, and security.

2.All command line options start with two dashes (–).

3. You must specify either a directory or a zip file to export to or import from.

4. Make sure the output location specified for an export is writable to the user running the command.


Use the command : Export and Import Utility in Jasper Report Server

Before Importing,  go into buildomatic directory of jasper Location: C:\Program Files\jasperreports-server-5.0\buildomatic


For importing JS data :-

Windows: js-import –input-zip(space) <Filename>
Ex: js-import –input-zip(space)”E:Work Space\Unified\Unified Reports\<file name>”


Update Command

js-import –input-zip(space)”E:Work Space\Unified\Unified Reports\<file name>” –update


For Exporting Jasper Reports:

Exporting project folder from jasper community server


1)  Goto PuTTY

Give username and password


2) Go to the location of jasperserver cp 5.0.0(or any version)


root@abc-server:cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0


3) Navigate to buildomatic folder


root@abc-server:cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0/cd buildomatic


4) Execute file with the destination path.


Syntax :

root@abc-server:cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0/buildomatic#./js-export <location of the folder in jasper server> –output-zip <location of exporting folder>/<>


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