Register an Azure Application to access the Power BI Rest APIs

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Power BI REST API provides service for embedding the reports in another application, accessing the data, create/modify the user permissions.

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To use Power BI embedded analytics, you need to register an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) application in Azure. The Azure AD app establishes permissions for Power BI REST resources, and allows access to the Power BI REST APIs.

Create an application in Azure – This application establishes permissions for Power BI Rest APIs by providing Application ID and secret keys Follow the below steps to create an application in Azure

1. Open the Power BI App registration using the below link

2. Select Embed for your organization as we are trying the test the Power BI APIs for our internal purpose

3. Sign in to Power BI service account with user credentials. Click on Next

4. Register your application by providing Application Name and Application URL

5. API access – select the list of APIs which we need to access or select all

6. Now click on Register, Now an application got created with Application ID and Application secret

7. Copy the application ID and application secret and store

8. Skip the next two steps as those are optional

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9. Now go to Azure portal by logged in with admin credentials

10. Search App registrations in azure portal and click on that

11. Click on the application which we create above

12. Click on API permissions which is present under Manage on the left menu

13. Here we can see the configured permissions for the Application. We can create new permission also

14. Click on ‘Grant admin consent for group’ and click Ok, this setting will give permissions to access the application. If we don’t grant admin consent then we will get an error while accessing APIs (The user or administrator has not consented to use the application).

– This option can be enabled by users with Admin access only

Now we have got the Application ready to access Power BI Rest APIs

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