Attributes in Jaspersoft DataSource Definitions

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Introduction of Attributes in Jaspersoft Datasource Definitions


From Jaspersoft Version 6.0, we have the option to create attributes on Datasource Definitions.

We can achieve this by defining attributes on below three levels :

1. Server Level

2. Organization(Tenant) Level

3. User Level

Below is an example of defining datasource by using Attributes on Tenant Level :



In the above scenario , host , port, database will be derived from the Tenant Level Attributes.

The userName will be derived hierarchically because we have not specified any category for userName.

The Jasperreport server will first look for host , port and database in loggedInUser’s attribute , if it not finds there then it searches in the Tenant level attributes and similarly for Server Level attribute.

In JasperV6.2 , we can define attributes at organization level from UI :



In Jaspersoft V6.0 OR 6.1 , we can create, edit, and delete organization attributes using the REST v2 API .


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