Alfresco 5.0d Community Installation

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Alfresco Community Installation using Setup Wizard:

Downloaded the following file from the Alfresco website and installed it on my windows 8.1 machine.

Setup file name : alfresco-community-5.0.d-installer-win-x64.exe

And following are the configuration details :

Default language : English

Installation Type : Advanced

Components installed :

1.Java (this is JRE only)
6.Web Quick Start
7.Google Docs Integration

Alfresco Installation Directory :

Path : E:\Alfresco

Database Server Parameters :

Host : localhost
Port : 5432
Database : Alfresco5
Username : postgres
Password : postgres
Driver : org.postgresql.Driver

Tomcat Port Configuration :

     Web Sever Domain : (local)

Server port : 8081
Tomcat Shutdown port : 8901
Tomcat SSL Port : 8902
Tomcat AJB Port : 8903

Alfresco FTP Port : 1121

Alfresco SharePoint port : 8989

LibreOffice Server Port : 8904

Alfresco admin details :

username : admin
password : admin123

Now the Alfresco Installation part completed successfully.

Log on to Alfresco Share as the admin user. Enter the password that you specified in the Admin Password window.

The Alfresco server is launched as a Windows service. To manage the server, open the Control Panel Services window. The services that will be running for an
Alfresco install using the default options are:


Enable Alfresco Audit Service :

The very first task to do is activate the audit service in Alfresco performing that actions.

1.Stop Alfresco.
2.In ‘<Alfresco>/tomcat/shared/classes/’ append:

# Alfresco Audit service

# Alfresco FTP service
## ATTENTION: Don’t do it if just enabled!

3.Start Alfresco.

Login into Alfresco to have the very first audit data.
Now let’s check if everything is working properly.

In the browser location write:

The result should be a Json similar to the one described below.

“enabled” : true,
“applications”: [
“name”: “Alfresco Tagging Service”,
“path” : “/tagging”,
“enabled” : true
“name”: “alfresco-access”,
“path” : “/alfresco-access”,
“enabled” : true


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