Airbyte Builder And Streams

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Airbyte Builder

Builder is used to create a new custom connector

With the help of builder we can get datathrough API’s

I have tested with online version basic API containing sample events json data

AirByte Introduction

By giving a API base url it can access data. I have taken a sample data from online
And gave username and password of database.(created an account on that sample website)

Streams in Builder

Streams are used to fetch Data from end point of Database

ex: table name or Json object name

I have created 2 streams and 2.performers

These are in jsonformat


AirByte Introduction

This is the sample data pulled with use of API

And we can sync datawith other destination DB.

PrimaryKey : We can define primary key and record selector in parameter level

AirByte Introduction

Pagination: We can define how many records are required we can pass in query params

AirByte Introduction

Increment Sync: we can restrict data which are not required

Ex: getting records has generated before 2023-11-24 from field datetime_utc

AirByte Introduction

Partitioning: partitioning used to configure same parameters to another streams

ex: events params will apply to performers stream

AirByte Introduction

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