Adding Filter to a Dashboard in Pentaho

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Dashboard is an accumulation of reports. This blog helps you to add a parameter to the dashboard which can filter ‘All’ values.

To create a dashboard and test functionality of filter added, create a report and add a filter to a column and enter a parameter name. For example, consider parameter name as ProductNumber.

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Steps to follow:

  1. To add a filter to a dashboard, prompts are to be added.
  2. To add a prompt
    • Click on Prompts under General Settings and then click on the ‘+’ icon as shown.
    • Name the prompt and select type as ‘Static List’
    • Click on the ‘+’ icon to add values in the static list.
    • Enter the name of the filter in ‘Label’ and value that needs to be filtered in ‘Value’.
    • Click on Save
    • To filter all values, enter the Value as ‘All’ and then Click on Save.
    • To filter for None, enter dummy value in the ‘Value’ and then Click on Save.
    • After accommodating, all the values in the static list, Click on ‘OK’
  3. Drag the report created i.e. TestSample.Enter the desired title in ‘Title’.
  4. To link prompt created with the report,
    • Select the source of the parameter as ‘ProductNumber’ which is the prompt created.
    • Click on ‘Add Parameters to the title’ and then click on Apply.
    • Dashboard appears as shown for ‘ALL’
    • When a particular value is selected from the list, it displays the information related to that value only.
    • Nothing appears when None is selected.

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