Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

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The Ad Hoc Editor supports the creation of views for various types of reports: tables, crosstabs, and charts. You intuitively interact with the editor to create these views by simply dragging and dropping elements. You can add and summarize fields, define groups, label and title the report, and format data for each field. You can also use the editor to explore and analyze data interactively.

Creating a Ad Hoc view

  1. Click Create > Ad Hoc View. This opens the Select Data wizard, you can select the data which you want work and click Choose Data.
  2. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

  3. Click Fields in left hand side and select the required fields.
  4. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

  5. Click Pre-Filters option on left hand side , drag the Fields wizard to Filters wizard and set the filter type ( equals, is one of, is not one of, etc.,) and click ok.
  6. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

  7. Click Display option in left hand side, in that window we can move the fields up and down.
  8. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

  9. Click Save as Topic on the left hand side, here we can enter the Name and Description of the Ad Hoc View and set the path to save the file . Click ok at the bottom of left hand side.
  10. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

  11. Once we click ok it direct to edit window, in left hand side we have Fields and Measure part, and our right hand side we have Filters panel, Rows and Columns panels are in the wizard we can drag the fields into columns or rows section. In top we have a View, save, export, Settings , Visualization type options.
  12. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

  13. We have the option for “ create calculated fields” in fields section, click Three dots in fields section >create calculated fields, it direct to New calculated fields wizard . Enter the field name, select the field in “Fields and Measures “ area and select calculation functions in “Functions” part , click Validate option to check formula is correct or not and click Create Field.
  14. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

    Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

  15. We can also have option to create a “New Measure” option in Measure section, same as steps follow point no:7.
  16. Click Select Visualization Type icon at the top of the window , it directs to “Select Visualization Type” wizard, in that we can select the Table, CrossTab, Charts and click Apply and Close .
  17. Ad Hoc Editor in Jasper Server

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