Pentaho DSP enables us to implement Table level, row level and column level data security from any user/role/organization very efficiently. The kind of security which Pentaho offers is very specific and does not fulfill other use cases. For those cases, Pentaho DSP also allows to write more complex security conditions by directly inserting Java codes such as grant or revoke access to the entire tables based on any specified criterion such as userids or roles or date and time of access, etc. We can help you with implementing the required data security on top of PSW.

We can also provide required assistance in designing the business model on top of your Enterprise Data warehouse or data marts by understanding your business users’ data analysis requirements, expectations, trends and analysis patterns. We can design schema for your OLAP cubes, design virtual cubes and write MDX queries to retrieve data from OLAP cubes along with creating the data security setup based on your requirements and security logic.

Kindly get in touch to know more about our Pentaho capabilities and implementations.