Helical’s expertise of Talend MDM Module

Master Data Management (MDM) is used to reduce and eliminate redundant and inconsistent version of the same data. Nowadays, organizations generate data from multiple systems and in huge amounts in a distributed manner. This could lead to overlapping, redundant and inconsistent data. For example, different software might refer to the same entity by different names like “vendors”, “suppliers”, etc., or by different IDs. Vendors, suppliers, clients, sales people, revenues etc., are some of the parameter which are captured by software without having master data to refer to and over a period of time, becomes inconsistent with each other and prone to error.

Following are some benefits of Master Data Management

– Lower total cost of operation

– Lower architectural bloat through eliminated redundancies

– Faster deliveries

– Simplified Compliance

– Improved customer service

– 360 degree view

Talend MDM could help in those cases in providing consistent data and provide data sharing across people, departments and tools. We can help you with Talend MDM implementation for your specific business use case along with ESB and Talend other components. Some of the commonly used components of Talend MDM includes tMDMBulkLoad, tMDMInput, tMDMOutput.

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