Data Modeling is the first step in understanding the requirement. Reporting and BI solution implementation is challenging to implement on top of transactional database because of presence of various data sources, performance related issues, not having all the aggregated and calculated tables and columns present, etc. Hence, data modeling is done and a reporting database/data warehouse is created.

Data that has been modeled and made ready for this system can be identified in various ways such as according to what they represent or how they relate to other data. We can help you in creating the best data models for you by first understanding your requirements, selecting which data modeling technique would best suit your requirements and then provide you a model which fulfils your reporting needs. The data models we build are optimized for extensive reading operations of BI and give excellent performance even with huge amount of data. They can also have data from multiple data sources and have calculated tables/columns, ensuring optimal performance.

Besides designing the data model, with our in-depth experience on Jasper ETL /Talend/Kettle/Big Data Processing Engines, we could also help you with population of this data model wherein the data comes from one/multiple data sources, alongside data cleaning, data processing, data integration services, etc.

Our experience in data modeling includes for clientele such as Tata Communication, Canadian Bearings, Technip, Sage Human Capital etc.