Helical’s expertise on Data Migration using Talend ETL

Data migration means the process of transferring data from one source to another. The source and target could be relational DB, NoSQL DB, columnar DB, graph DB, etc.

There are various cases when we need to migrate data. Some of the examples when such a need arises are

  • Moving from a proprietary database like Oracle to an opensource DB like MySQL for reducing cost.
  • Moving from relational DB to big data technologies since relational DB is unable to give optimal performance with increasing data size.
  • Upgrading from a lower version of database to a higher version of database with more functionalities and capabilities
  • Moving data from one product to another product. Example: You might be using one HR software and then might migrate to another one.
  • Merging systems from two companies into one

Above mentioned are some of the myriad use cases wherein Talend will be useful for loading data from the source database and migrating to the target database. While implementing data migration using Talend, extract and load is imperative. In between, if any data messaging or transformations are required, that can also be handled very easily within Talend.

Some of the components of Talend generally used with data migration are

– To collect data from source: tFileInputDelimited, tFileInputXML, tMySqlInput etc

– To process data (optional): tMap, tJoin, tXSLT etc

– To load data: tFileOutputDelimited, tFileOutputXML, tMySqlOutput etc

– To get response from RestFul services: tRESTClient etc

– To get response from SOAP services: tESBConsumer etc

– To log errors: tStatCatcher, tLogCatcher, tFlowMeter, tFlowMeterCatcher etc Our team of

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