Helical’s expertise of Data Integration Jobs using Taled ETL

In today’s world, any organization is using various data sources for different functions and generating a lot of data. The data generated could be from softwares, social media, APIs, flat files etc and all of them could be acting as data silos and not centralized. In order to build a BI or reporting solution, we need to make sure that we are having entire data in a single place with proper relations. Data integration is the process of fetching data from different data sources and unifying in a single format. BI software depends on accurate data integration to build dashboards, reports that reflect accurate consistent information.

With the help of Talend, we can connect to these various kinds of data sources which could be relational DB, columnar DB, NoSQL DB, REST API, CSV, Flat files, XML, JSON etc. Data could be fetched from any of these data sources, converted and brought to a single format and then loaded into the data warehouse which can then be used for reporting and analytics purposes.

Some of the most commonly used components for data integration using Talend are mentioned below

  • To collect data from source: tFileInputDelimited, tFileInputXML, tMySqlInput  etc
  • To process data: tMap, tJoin, tXSLT etc
  • To load data: tFileOutputDelimited, tFileOutputXML, tMySqlOutput etc
  • To get response from RestFul Services: tRESTClient etc
  • To get response from SOAP services: tESBConsumer etc
  • To log the errors: tStatCatcher, tLogCatcher, tFlowMeter, tFlowMeterCatcher etc
  • Others : CDC components (like tMySqlCDC, tPostgresqlCDC etc), SCD components (like tMySqlSCD, tPostgresqlSCD etc), Bulk Load components (tPostgresqlBulkExec, tMySqkBulkExec etc)

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