Helical’s expertise on Talends big data specific components and technologies

The amount of data being generated in this world and the pace of data generation is already mindboggling. With a lot of unstructured data and NoSQL data also coming into the picture, many organizations are shifting to big data technologies compared with the traditional relational databases. These big data technologies have the capability to handle huge amount of data as well as unstructured data types.

Talend big data consists of four parts mainly, i.e.,

– Big data integration: Useful for connecting to big data DB.

– Big data manipulation: For performing various data functions and manipulations.

– Big data quality and governance: Useful for identifying linkages, duplicates, validation, etc.

– Big data project management: Has features like scheduling, monitoring, repository, etc.

Talend Big data supports working with Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS and a variety of NoSQL Databases. NoSQL Databases supported are: MongoDB, Cassandra, Hive, Impala, Couch DB, HBase.

Some of the components: tHDFSGet, tHDFSPut, tMongoDBInput, tMongoDBOuput, tCassandraInput, tCassandraOutput

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