Helical’s expertise on Talend Data Stewardship Module

Data stewardship is about defining and maintaining data models, documenting the data, cleansing the data, and defining the rules and policies. It enables the implementation of well-defined data governance processes covering several activities including monitoring, reconciliation, refining, de-duplication, cleansing and aggregation to help deliver quality data to applications and end users.

Organizations are mostly aware that the data they work with may be incomplete or is often incorrect; they can fix it as they know their data but this isn’t possible when working with huge amount of data. Also using email or excel to resolve data-related issues is not time or effort efficient. Here is a need for tools, processes and polices to effectively and sustainably manage data quality, and this is achieved using Data Stewardship.

A good data stewardship will involve

– Self service so that IT or any other users can also resolve data quality issues

– Team collaboration including workflow and task orchestration

– Manual interaction for cases like validation, tagging etc

– Built in privacy

Talend provides a comprehensive tool called Talend Data Stewardship app, which you can use to configure and manage data assets, that addresses the quality challenges holding your data-driven projects back. With Talend Data Stewardship, you can quickly resolve the data quality and validation related issues by defining common data models, semantics, rules that needed to cleanse and validate the data. You can create the user roles, workflows, priorities and delegate the tasks to Data Stewards that knows the data best. You can also resolve any data integrity issues to achieve “trusted” data across the enterprise. Talend data stewardship allows data stewards to create and launch campaigns for improving data quality in their systems by importing data sets into the tool and distributing parts of it for correction to multiple users. In this process, faulty data set is assigned to users and users are requested to fill up or modify the faulty data. The corrected data sets can be merged easily.

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