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Cloud Based BI

Cloud is next evolution in BI. BI is not restricted to fixed infrastructure. Nowadays it's possible to have BI in cloud.


BI dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).


BI mashup can be a data mashup, charts mashup or maps mashup. Usually mashups are used in dashboards.


On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a category of software technology that enables analysts, managers and executives to gain insight into data.

Custom Plugins

If you have an all together different set of requirement, an entirely different workflow, your own set of proceesses and hence, you need a plugin for jasper/pentaho.

Mobile BI

Whether on the road, in a meeting, or at home instant access to business information has become a necessity for competitive organizations.


Today's businesses are changing at breakneck speed & a proper reporting tool/reports helps you keep track of your business.

Self Service BI

Self service BI is a facility that enables end users to become more independent, self-reliant and less dependent on IT.

Data Modelling and ETL

Data modelling is a process used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support the business processes.

Data Warehousing

Helical can consult, design and implement Data Warehouse either in Star schema or Snowflake schema.

Geographical Charting

We can help you with geographical charting i.e. displaying your geographical data distributed by category, regions or entities on maps like google map, bing maps etc.

Data Mining

Data mining is the automatic or semi-automatic analysis of large quantities of data to extract previously unknown interesting patterns.

An agile, efficient and much faster way of developing ETL jobs using advanced features like more control,visualization, reporting, plug & play modules, reusability etc.

Though there are many ETL tools available in the market, but using them also come with their own inherent problems, some of which are highlighted below,

Best Practices: Each and every developer does the ETL development according to his logic and his method of development; hence more often they forget to follow the best practices. These best practices are related to error handling, naming conventions, QA, QC etc.

Lack of standardization: Often not following the best practices on logging, error handling, naming conventions, documentation etc leads to lack of standardization between the different ETL jobs which have been developed amongst the different ETL developers.

Lack of control for end user: Generally in any ETL, an end user or IT administrator is often not able to see and monitor what exactly is happening. He has absolutely no control of the jobs, flags, status etc.,

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  • Bitach


    Domain: Insurance
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : Bitach is a financial company specializing in Account Receivable Management; offering range of services for the growing companies. In this area they buy, collect, sell, consult and also specialize in distressed consumer receivable and recurring payment administration. They… Keep Reading
  • synchr


    Domain : Human Resource
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : SyncHR is an organization that provides HR solution for the enterprise users. This solution help the enterprise users to manage their HR process by giving advantages over traditional systems and it brings transparency in the system.… Keep Reading
  • technip


    Domain : Oil &Energy
    Geography : Global
    Client Description : With more than 30,000 employees worldwide, Technip is a company that carries out project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. They deliver best quality solution to their clients to meet the energy challenges. For… Keep Reading
  • marketlinc


    Domain : Online Sales and Marketing
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : MarketLinc provides a web based sales and marketing solutions that help their client in unlocking the potential of their market. MarketLinc uses the advanced methodologies and strategies which helps their clients like in attaining… Keep Reading
  • CA Technologies

    CA Technologies

    Domain : IT
    Geography : US, India
    Client Description : Established in 1976 CA Technologies is a public listed and is one of the worlds biggest software corporation. The software and services provided by them are being used by many Fortune 500 companies. Helical had played… Keep Reading
  • PCNI

    PCNI : NGO BI Solution

    Domain : NGO
    Geography : US
    Client Description : Pathways Community Network Institute is a nonprofit organization that strengthens responses to poverty and homelessness through increased collaboration and effective use of data and technology. Pathways data and services empowers other NGOs to coordinate and provide better… Keep Reading
  • envision

    Envision Global Leadership – Training & Leadership

    Domain : Training and Leadership
    Geography : US
    Client Description :
    Client Description : Envision is into training and leadership, helping companies to grow and develop through transformational change. Their suite of services include training, assessment, leadership classes, teleseminars, webinars etc. Envision makes its client fill… Keep Reading
  • Numerify

    Numerify : Business Analytics on Cloud

    Domain : Business Analytics
    Geography : US and India
    Client Description : Numerify is a funded futurisitc company which wants to build a disruptive cloud-native platform to deliver business analytics. Numerify founders include industry veterans from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Microstrategy and Hyperion. Helical was a part… Keep Reading
  • Helical BI work in Ecommerce


    Domain : Technology
    Geography : US
    Client Description : Mabuhay63 focuses on providing e-commerce solution on the cloud and focuses a lot on reliability, usability, simple yet highly efficient design and offering a seamless shopping experience to users. They are primarily using open source tools which… Keep Reading
  • Predikto

    Predikto : Manufacturing Domain

    Domain : Asset Intensive Organizations
    Geography : Atlanta, United States
    Client Description : Predikto is helping a lot of companies which rely on physical assets (esp oil & gas, transportation, pulp & paper, metal & mining). The companies (like mfg, industrial ), they have a lot… Keep Reading
  • ibntech

    IBNTech : Travel Domain

    Domain : Travel Domain
    Geography : Pune, India
    Client Description : IBNtech is a fast growing technology company providing solutions and ITES to Hedge funds, Fund of Funds, Banking, and Finance and Accounting (F&A) verticals internationally for clientèle in UK and USA. Their range of services… Keep Reading
  • Sage Human Capital

    Sage Human Capital : HR Business Intelligence

    Domain : Sage Human Capital - HR Capital Consulting
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : It is a human capital consulting company. They needed some system in place which could help in tracking the candidate progress, followup status, accepted, rejected and sending the reports automatically to… Keep Reading
  • hCentive

    hCentive : Healthcare Insurance

    Domain : hCentive - Healthcare Software Insurance
    Geography : US & India
    Client Description : hCentive provides cloud-based, healthcare technology solutions that help consumers & businesses connect, communicate and engage with health plans in an undemanding and informed manner when acquiring health insurance. Hcentive provides browser-based, user-configurable… Keep Reading
  • Unified Social - Social Business Intelligence

    Unified Social Media : Social Media Analytics

    Domain : Social Media Platform Management
    Geography : US
    Client Description : Unified is the enterprise marketing technology company for brands and agencies that need to activate social audiences and impact consumer actions.  They are managing the social media platform for many big clients and for… Keep Reading

Press Releases

  • Helical Scrunch - Product Release

    Helical IT has launched a new product ‘Helical Scrunch’ to solvethe existing ETL issues faced by the companies. It will reduce thetime, effort and resource requirement by approximately 30-70 percent Helical Scrunch provides an extensive control to an end user/IT admin via web interface. Helical Scrunch will lessen the complications which exist in ETL Solutions, thus resulting in saving time and resource requirement and creation of muc...Read More...

  • Jaspersoft Helical Partnership

    Owing to it's technical expertise over Jaspersoft tool, Helical IT is proud to announce that it has became Jaspersoft System Integration Partner. We work on the entire Jaspersoft BI suite (which includes CE, EE, Cloud), starting from ETL (talend open studio, talend integration suite), BI solution development, cloud and mobile deployment, SSO implementation, application integration, other charting engine integration, security implementation (...Read More...

  • Helical IT Raises Funding

    Helical IT raised seed funding of Rs 25 lakhs from Singapore based investor in the month of May. We were able to raise funding within 6 months of our operation, and wrapped up the entire process within 3 weeks of starting to search for funding. Funding has helped the company to expand its operations, hire aggressively and also start working on their products. Coverage of :

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About us

We are capable of providing simple, practical & affordable solutions which are suitable for business users right from CEO, CXO, line managers & to every end user of the enterprise. We have a quick turn around time & can provide mobile BI solutions, on premises or hosted SaaS solution, hence catering to every type of need.

Whether your enterprise is already using a business intelligence solution, or just starting to explore the possibilities, Helical can help you on all the aspects right from tool selection, ETL, Data warehouse designing & consultation, solution developement & analytics as well! We povide integration of disparate data sources and offers your users powerful interactive tools like balanced scorecards, personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, automated alerts, graphical mining, cross tab reporting and more!

Our solutions can be accessed on mobile, can be implemented on SaaS, can be accessed via web browser & also can be seamlessely integrated on your softwares or website as well.

We invite you to use the contact information on our web site to contact us today. We would be pleased to schedule a demonstration of for you and to show you what true business intelligence can do for your enterprise.

Kindly send a mail on nikhilesh@helicaltech.com

  • How to restrict Multiselect input control values in jaspersoft :

    How to restrict Multiselect input control values in Jaspersoft  This blog will teach the reader , how to restrict multiselect input control values in jasper without hampering the performance . DB : Postgres (foodmart) Table : customer Reporting tool : iReport Server : Jasperserver 5.6 I/P Parameter : country Requirement : Get All the informations Keep Reading ..

  • Migrate oracle with pentaho

    Steps to migrate Oracle with Pentaho   Step 1:- Run script as DB admin. Script is available in location:- biserver-ce\data\oracle10g. Modify configuration file:- applicationContext-spring-security-hibernate.properties. Location:- pentaho-solutions\system\applicationContext-spring-security-hibernate.properties. original code:- jdbc.driver=org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver jdbc.url=jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:9001/hibernate jdbc.username=hibuser jdbc.password=password hibernate.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect Modified code:- dbc.driver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver jdbc.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521/sysdba jdbc.username=hibuser jdbc.password=password hibernate.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect hibernate-settings.xml Location:- pentaho-solutions\system\hibernate\hibernate-settings.xml. Original code <config-file>system/hibernate/hsql.hibernate.cfg.xml</config-file> Modified code:- <config-file>system/hibernate/oracle10g.hibernate.cfg.xml</config-file> oracle10g.hibernate.cfg.xml:- Location:- pentaho-solutions\system\hibernate\ oracle10g.hibernate.cfg.xml Do not Keep Reading ..

  • Working with Virtual Servers on Talend Administration Center (TAC)

      Working with Virtual Servers on Talend Administration Center (TAC) Virtual Server Configuration : A virtual server is a group of physical servers from which the best rated server will automatically get preferred at Job execution time. In Talend Administration Center, simply select physical servers and group them into a virtual server. Then set the Keep Reading ..

  • Remove Repeated Column header, Page Header, Page Footer in CSV Export (JASPER)

    In CSV export, we want only column header once and data should be printed. We do not want page header, page footer and repeated columns header. So in order to achieve this do the following. Remove Page Header: <property name=”net.sf.jasperreports.export.csv.exclude.origin.band.(uniqueValue)” value=”pageHeader”/> Remove Page Footer: <property name=”net.sf.jasperreports.export.csv.exclude.origin.band.(uniqueValue)” value=”pageFooter”/> Remove Title Band: <property name=”net.sf.jasperreports.export.csv.exclude.origin.band.(uniqueValue)”value=”title”/> Remove Repeated Column Keep Reading ..

  • buildjob

    Scheduling Talend Job on both Windows and Linux OS

    Scheduling Talend Job on both Windows and Linux OS In order to schedule a Talend Job, first we have to export the job as build job which will generate the runnable files to execute on required OS. And also all the child jobs in that project converted as jar files. Right click on the parent/main job Keep Reading ..

  • Using Bootstrap Modal with ReactJS

    Using Bootstrap Modal with ReactJS Here we will be creating a reusable React-component for Bootstrap Modal. Setup Let’s first create a skeleton for our component. Create a file bootstrap-modal.jsx which contains the following code: var BootstrapModal = React.createClass({ displayName: "BootstrapModal", render: function () { return ( <div ref="modal" className="modal fade"> <div className="modal-dialog"> <div className="modal-content"> <div Keep Reading ..

  • DWR

    DWR (DIRECT WEB REMOTING) Introduction DWR, or Direct Web Remoting, is a Java open source library that helps developers write web sites that include Ajax technology. It is a RPC library which makes it easy to call Java functions from JavaScript and to call JavaScript functions from Java. How it works? It consists of two Keep Reading ..

  • Installing JasperReports Server 6.0.1 with Oracle DB (in Windows)

    Installing JasperReports Server 6.0.1 with Oracle DB (on Windows) Pre-requisite Java JDK 1.6 or 1.7 should be installed. Create and set the JAVA_HOME system environment variable to point to the Java JDK location. Apache Tomcat 5.5, 6, or 7 should be installed. Oracle should be installed. Download the WAR file distribution from http://support.jaspersoft.com. The WAR Keep Reading ..

  • Map Reduce In MongoDB

    MongoDb Map Reduce Map-reduce is a data processing paradigm for condensing large volumes of data into useful aggregated results. For map-reduce operations, MongoDB provides the map Reduce database command. The mapReduce command allows you to run map-reduce aggregation operations over a collection. The mapReduce command has the following prototype form: db.runCommand( { mapReduce: <collection>, map: <function>, reduce: <function>, Keep Reading ..

  • Case Study Report On PCNI OpenHMIS Reports

    Case Study Report On PCNI OpenHMIS Reports Customer: Pathways Community Network institute Geographical Location: Atlanta, Georgia Tools Used: DB used          : MySQL, Postgres, Oracle BI Tool             : Jaspersoft Community Edition Company Overview: Pathways helps communities strengthen responses to poverty and homelessness through increased collaboration and effective use of data and technology. The OpenHMIS Keep Reading ..

  • Uses of Spring’s ApplicationContext while using reflection

    Uses of ApplicationContext while using reflection Generally speaking, Spring’s ApplicationContext is not advised to be used in the project business logic code as it binds the code to Spring API. But, if your application is using Spring API a lot then it is okay to use the ApplicationContext interface to get the beans created in Keep Reading ..

  • Map Reduce in Mongo db :

    Map Reduce in Mongo db : This Blog will teach you, how to write Map reduce in Mongo DB . Map Reduce is a concept that process large volume of data into aggregated results. To use Map Reduce Concept in Mongo DB , create one command called “mapReduce”. This mapReduce() function fetch data from collection Keep Reading ..

  • Welcome Page Customization For JasperSoft on the Basis of Roles

    On Welcome page of Jaspersoft, Login is based on Some Roles assigned to particular user ,as per that we have an access on Jaspersoft. If anyone wants to create their own user with Roles, they simply do it by making following changes in particular files. Let us consider that we are creating following three different Keep Reading ..

  • White Labeling  of  JasperSoft

                                                                 White Labeling  of  Jaspersoft A white-labeling is a service produced by one company for example Jaspersoft, that other companies reband to make it appear as Keep Reading ..

  • How to use Custom Component in Jaspersoft Studio:

    How to use Custom Component in Jaspersoft Studio: This Blog will teach you how to use Custom component in Jaspersoft studio. A Custom component allows the BI Developer to enhance the functionality of Jasperreports engine by adding some custom visualized components. By using Custom Component , we can able to develop anything like tables , Keep Reading ..

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  • Requirement for ETL Developer

    Knowledge on Mongo DB and Hadoop
    PDI/Talend/Jasper ETL/ ETL. Experience with the design of ETL solutions integrating multiple data source systems,data analysis, modeling, SQL tuning and design specific to a data warehouse / Business Intelligence environment (dimensional modeling)Linux/UNIX
    2years Total Experience with the design of ETL solutions integrating multiple data source systems,data analysis, modeling, SQL tuning and design specific to a data warehouse / Business Intelligence environment (dimensional modeling)Linux/UNIX
    Requirement based out of Hyderabad. Kindly send in profiles to nikhilesh@helicaltech.com Phone Number : +91 78 9394 7676

  • Requirement for Java Developer

    JAVA: J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate,Java Design pattern Web Application Engine: Sitemash, Velocity Web Server: Apache httpd Web Server, Apache Tomcat Web Server Databases: MySQL, Postgres and Any other database skillset is always welcome
    Pentaho: Pentaho BI server, 3rd Party Integration Application, BI plugin development for Pentaho Data Integrator, Pentaho report designer, Pentaho Analyzer Jasper: BI server, 3rd Party Integration Application, BI plugin development for Jasper BI server, iReport plugin Data Warehouse: Data Model design to create Data Marts/Data Warehouse/ODS/Transactional System Requirement based out of Hyderabad. Kindly send in profiles to nikhilesh@helicaltech.com Phone Number : +91 78 9394 7676

  • Requirement for Front-End developer

    We are looking for candidate having skillsets on front-end development.
    Requirements :

    1. Must be well acquainted with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript framework.
    2. Must have working knowledge of UI frameworks like bootstrap, foundation, etc.
    3. Should have worked with at least one MVC framework like BackboneJS, AngularJS, etc
    4. Knowledge of ReactJS preferable
    Educational Background : BE / B.Tech / MCA with good technology understanding.
    If interested, mail us your updated CV on nikhilesh@helicaltech.com

  • Requirement for BI developer

    We are looking for suitable candidate with 2+ years experience having skillsets on BI development.
    Preferred Requirements:

    • Must have reporting and dashboard development experience
    • Experience on jasper server, installation, troubleshooting
    • Adhoc, domain, OLAP experience
    • Experience on Jaspersoft Integration
    • White labeling of Jaspersoft
    • Good communication skills
    • Addon java development experience
    Educational Background : BE / B.Tech / MCA with good technology understanding.
    If interested, mail us your updated CV on nikhilesh@helicaltech.com

  • Requirement for Test Engineer

    We are looking for a suitable candidate having 2+ years of experience in Manual Testing.

    Mandatory skills: Data Centric testing (Mandatory), Application Testing (Mandatory), JMeter, Selenium, Manual Testing.

    Preferred Requirement: As a Senior Test Engineer you should able to devise Test Strategy, review test plan, traceability matrix and ensure usage of tools for optimization. You should be able to ensure the availability test environment, design test and defect reporting formats and manage the team. You should update project related data as required in applicable systems and ensure timely reporting and response to stakeholders.

    • Experience in writing test cases.
    • Thorough knowledge on SDLC process.
    • Excellent manual testing skills.
    • Excellent knowledge on web application testing.
    • Knowledge of Bug life cycle and Bug tracking tools like bugzilla.
    • Knowledge on SQL/PLSQL & Programming (Preferably core java)
    • Very good command in English.Should have the ability to understand the user requirements clearly.
    • Nice to have JMeter & Selenium knowledge
    • Excellent interpersonal and customer-facing skills.
    • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Should be a dynamic team player.
    • The ability to work accurately, with attention to detail.
    Educational Background : BE / B.Tech / MCA with good technology understanding.
    If interested, mail us your updated CV on nikhilesh@helicaltech.com