The Jaspersoft BI Platform provides the centralized services required to manage the complete BI suite, enabling you to process, organize, secure and access reports, dashboards, and analysis views.

Some of the expertise we have

Consulting and Implementation Services

Having trained experts to help in implementing in and out DW and BI using Jaspersoft, you can create various reports(using jasper studio or iReport), dashboards, domains, topics and other solutions on Jaspersoft.

Jaspersoft with Big Data

It has the ability to access popular Big Data Sources and also data visualization layers which allows combining data quickly from your big data and relational source for better data visibility without copying and moving data.

Data Warehousing

We come with multiple years of experience in Data Warehousing Consulting, designing, and implementation.

White Labeling Jaspersoft Server UI

Jaspersoft comes with UI framework which allows changing the look and feel of the pages and making module wise changes as well.

Jaspersoft on ASW / Cloud

Jaspersoft has partnered with leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, etc., and provides its BI services over the cloud. Jaspersoft on AWS, with it’s per hour billing, is especially popular with many cost-conscious clients.

Let's turn your data into ultimate value