According to a survey, migration to Open Source BI tool like Pentaho can lead to anywhere between 20% to 90% saving in terms of license cost and lower cost of ownership. For a limited set of requirement, Pentaho Community edition can be used which is free to use, along with various other community plugins like Ctools, Saiku, etc., for inclusion of additional features within the Community Edition.

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If your organization is looking to migrate to Pentaho from other proprietary BI tools to either reduce total cost of ownership or take advantage of the newest features of the latest version of Pentaho BI, we are here to help you do this efficiently and with minimal downtime. Reach out to us to know the methodology followed by us while doing BI migration.

We have been part of various Pentaho project migration which involve:

  • Migration from Tableau to Pentaho
  • Migration from Jaspersoft to Pentaho
  • Migration from Pentaho Enterprise to Pentaho Community Version.

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