Pentaho is supported by a rich and vibrant developer community. There are various plugins made by developers which can be downloaded and used from the Pentaho marketplace. Of these plugins, some are for Pentaho BI and many others for Pentaho ETL. Most of them are free and some of them are paid services.

Some of the most popular ones are detailed below:

  1. Ctools Suite: The most famous of them is Ctools (community tools) which has various plugins like CDE (plugin for dashboards creation), CDF (dashboard framework), CDA (for data connection), CCC (protovis charting library), etc. Ctools became popular on the premise that it can be used for creating dashboard functionalities in Pentaho Community Edition which is otherwise present only in Pentaho Enterprise Version.
  2. Saiku Plugin: Saiku is a modular open source analysis suite offering lightweight OLAP which is embeddable, extensible and configurable.
  3. D3 Component: For using D3 charts inside Pentaho.
  4. Language packs: Various language packs are present for localization.
  5. Data Editor: Allowing to edit the data from Pentaho itself
  6. Fusion Charts Plugin: Integration of fusion charts library
  7. Bootstrap Dashboard: Allowing to create responsive bootstrap compatible dashboards on top of CDF.
  8. DB Plugins: Various kind of database plugins allowing to connect and use those databases with Kettle or Pentaho Data Integration.
  9. CMIS Input: Allowing to use extract from enterprise content management system.
  10. Zendesk Plugin: To be used for fetching data from zendesk account.

We have experience on various plugins and are experienced in building our own plugins based upon the client’s requirement.

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